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Privacy policy

Connectives does not collect any information that enables us to identify individuals. If you send us an email, obviously we'll know the email address you used, but we will never pass it on to any other organisation without your permission.

We do collect and analyse statistics about numbers of visitors to the site and to each page. We do receive and analyse statistics from the bookstores about vistors from our pages. Our only use of this information is to try and improve the Connectives website.

Connectives only enters into associate or affiliate relationships with an organisation if it publishes its privacy policy on its website and I, the owner of this site, personally regard the policy as acceptable. Connectives has no influence over, and is not responsible for, the policies and practices of those organisations. I recommend that you check their privacy policies for yourself; if you have any concerns, or if you find that any of them breaches their published policy, please let me know.

Associates, affiliates, and online bookstores home page

Amazon associates program privacy policy
Amazon UK home page

Amazon UK associates programme privacy policy

These stores have links on their home pages to pages with details about their associates programs and referral fees, and I've also included those links here. and are related but independent stores, as their websites show. Both have thousands of books and provide plenty of information about them. I thoroughly enjoy browsing at both sites, and I've had good service from both sites when I've bought books. As I'm in Australia, and they are in the US and UK, that means both sites do a good job for overseas customers, which presumably means they do a good job for local customers too. and have many titles in common: for those the choice of where to buy depends on where you are and the currency that's best for you. Each also has many titles that the other doesn't. Sometimes that's because the same book is published with a different title in different parts of the publishing world. I try to point those out.

About the owner

Bookworm by disposition, singer by aspiration, Australian by birth, Netizen by choice, writer by trade.

My name is Sandra, and my dirtspace home is in Sydney, Australia, a big city with plenty of books and plenty of sunshine to enjoy while reading them. The dominant language in Australia is English, and that's the only natural human language I read with any fluency. In unnatural and unhuman languages, I can limp along in a few computer languages and I'm fluent in canine.

I worked in the computer industry for twenty years, and as a technical writer for over ten of them. I wrote manuals and online help to go with software systems. It was interesting work, hard to do well for many of the same reasons as building aircraft and running countries are hard to do well: they involve many people, many skills, many constraints, and many visions.

By the tech wreck of 1999-2000 I had grown stale and tired, and after two layoffs I was glad to exchange cubicles and other people's phone calls for more self-sufficiency and music.

I hold it as axiomatic that everything is interesting, at least for a while, if you look closely enough. These connectives are some of the places I've looked and sights I've seen. I hope you enjoy them.

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